Minimum spend of $60 applies when hiring items

Terms and Condtions

Atahuia Wedding & Events
1. All our items are priced on the website.
2. Minimum hire is $60
3. If total hire order is less than $250 (not including refundable bond then payment must be made in full to secure your booking within 7 days of invoice being issued.
4. The total item price does NOT include bond or delivery fees.
5. Standard hire period is for 3 days, and the price cannot be reduced for shorter hires, longer time frames may incur additional fees.
6. Atahuia Wedding & Events reserves the right to change hire prices on items at anytime their discretion.
7. Events that fall on public holidays may incur additional labour charges if we are required to setup, pack down, deliver, collect, or provide any other services.
8. Hire items do not incur additional charges.


1: You must email all enquires to Enquires of social media may be missed as it is not used for such. Should you need qn answered to anything of help regarding and order or bond you MUST EMAIL or expect to have your messaged missed. 

2: Bank numbers for bond returns must be emailed. If it is send via social media your bond will not be processed until received via email


1. A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance to be paid 7 working days before your event.
2. If your event is less than 2 weeks away upon booking, full payment is required.
3. We do not release goods without payment. If there are delays to deliveries due to non-payment, will not be held liable.
4. In case of cancellation, 25% of deposit paid is non-refundable (covering loss of opportunity and admin fees).
1. You are responsible for all hired items while they are in your possession. This includes damage, breakage & loss.
2. Any items left at unattended premises remain your responsibility.
3. Any damages will be paid from the bond. If damage / loss is greater than the bond, the hirer is liable to pay the balance.
4. A fully refundable bond will be included with the invoice.
5. Bond will be returned after full inspection of hired items. This is to ensure all good are returned in the condition in which they were hired.
6. Bond return can take up to 7 days after the event.
1. Payment can be made by internet banking transfer, payable to:
2. Your last name and event date must be included as reference.
Hire Period
1. Standard hire period is for 3 days, longer time frames may incur additional fees.
2. There is no discount for shorter hire periods.
3. You are responsible for the hired goods during the period of hire.
4. Our hire period runs from pick up/delivery time to the drop off/collection time.
5. A late penalty fee of 20% per day will be charged for goods returned after the agreed hire period.
Delivery And Collection
1. Picking up your own items incurs no charge. Pick up points are in Richmond.
2. Picked up and dropped must be tied and secured safely for transportation, all packages/containers provided must be used. It is the customers responsibility to bring enough equipment to safely secure items without damage. (COVERINGS, TIE DOWNS, WATERPROOF, EQUIPTMENT, ECT)
3. We have the right to turn you away if we believe these conditions have not been met.
4. We have tight pickup and return time frames as this is by appointment only. We will allow 20 mins either side of the pre-arranged pickup and delivery times, should we have to wait longer an additional fee may be added at $35 per hour with a min of one hour charged. Hire items cannot be dropped off if no one is present. Should we need and arrange another time and the client will be charged hire late fee.
5. For larger furniture like bars, tables, wine barrels ect you are required to bring extra support with you to pick up and drop offs, although Atahuia staff will be there we cannot guarantee they will always be available to help load and unload your required items.
6. We can deliver and collect the goods to and from your venue (not including setup/pack down)
7. Delivery and collection charges are calculated based on the distance we are required to travel, the size of the order and the staff required.
8. All items will be checked against the booking form on collection/delivery to make sure, everything is present and in good condition.
9. All items waiting to be collected by us must be protected from the weather.
10. Items must be clean and ready to collect from agreed collection point. Should staff need to clean, clear, or search for items the hirer will be charged a fee of $50 per hour with a min of 1 hour.
1. The Equipment will at all times remain the property of the Owner. The Hirer has no legal or equitable interest in the Equipment or any part there of. The Hirer’s possession of the Equipment (upon delivery) will be as a bailee for the period of 3 days
2. Upon delivery or pickup, the equipment must be inspected by the hirer to ensure items are satisfactory for hirers intended use. 
4. You must not tamper or try to repair any items belonging to Atahuia Wedding and events.
5. You must not damage to alter any items; all items must remain in the same condition in which they were received.
6. NO ITEMS ARE TO BE LEFT IN THE RAIN . You as the hirer are responsible for all accidental damage to the items including loss or damage occasioned by theft, malicious damage, or other unlawful
8. Ensure that the item is secure at all times and where being stored in unlocked premises, supply such security measure to ensure that the Equipment is secure at all times;
9. Always keep items safe during the Period of Hire
10. In the event any items are loss or damaged beyond repair the hirer will be charged a replacement fee per item and may be charged loss of opportunity and admin costs
11. Should any damaged items need to be repaired the hirer will be charger the full amount of repair AND loss of opportunity and admin cost.
12. Should Items be returned late you may be charged loss of opportunity fee and admin cost
13. Should any items be returned wet you may be charged a damage and loss of opportunity fee
Condition of items:
1. Due to the nature of our business hire items are in used good condition. Some imperfections are expected and or wear or tear present
2. Should you be unhappy with the condition of your item upon receiving it you have you must inform Atahuia wedding and events within before Atahuia leaves the items in your care and items must be unused. Atahuia Wedding & Events will not accept responsibility for shortages or claims after the customer takes possession. Where the Hirer is not available to check equipment being delivered or collected, the Hirer shall not be entitled to subsequently dispute the amount of, or condition of the equipment.
3. You will not alter hire items in anyway or you may be liable for replacement and loss of business costs
As item
1. We check and inspect all goods before they are dispatched and when they are returned.
2. We understand that accidents happen, any damaged or broken items will be charged at the replacement cost value.
1.Cutlery must be returned clean. If not, a cleaning fee will be charged. All cutlery is dishwasher safe
2. Please DO NOT leave cutlery soaking in water AND it must be dried immediately to prevent rusting.
3. Cutlery does not need to be rebounded, as we will count on its return.
4. A $10 charge per item of lost or damaged gold cutlery will apply.
Table Linen:
1. Please ensure linen is free of food crumbs, then fold and return for laundering and pressing (this service is included in the hire charge)
2. Please note, if there is excess candle wax and/or excess wine or food stains there will be an additional cleaning fee. Where possible, use tealight holders and drip-less candles to prevent damage.
3. Hand dyed napkins may vary in colour, we cannot guarantee colour consistency on napkins we dye ourselves
1. Can be put through a dishwasher
2. All glassware must be dry before retuning storage containers
3. Must be returned free from candlewax
4. If no washing facilities are available, please place back into the storage containers UPRIGHT. – Dirty return fee will be charged to client
5. Charges for broken or lost glassware will vary depending on replacement cost.


 CHAIRS ARE DELIVERY AND PICKUP BY ATAHUIA STAFF ONLY. Chairs have a separate delivery and pickup cost to any hire Items, This will be canulated on kms and staff plus labor hours required
1. Festoon lights and fairy lights MUST NOT be left outside overnight as dew and rain can cause damage.
2. Should lights be returned wet you will be charged a replacement fee
3. Curtin lights must be bound back up in rubber bands the way they were received or you will incur a $70 labor fee
4. All lights and plugs must be put back in their allocated storge containers
1. All items are to be protected from the weather during transportation, when in storage or during use.
2. Any water damage will incur charges for repairs or replacement based on severity.
3. Tables and chairs, soft furnishings and outdoor games, umbrellas, lights MUST NOT be left outside overnight, exposed to rain or heavy dew or you will be charged damages and loss of opportunity should the items need to be fixed or replaced
Cancellation Policy
1. Please advise us of all cancellations as soon as you can. We hold your items booked for you in good faith that you will be hiring them; and we turn away other bookings
for your date. Therefore, if it is too close to an event date, we will not have the opportunity to re-book the items.
2. We will not make changes to bookings inside 30 days from the date of event.
3. 25% deposit will NOT be refunded upon cancellation
4. 50% of fees will be applied if cancelled within 30 days of event to cover admin and loss of opportunity costs.
  1. No refunds will be given should you cancel you event after you have made full payment or within 14days of your event. You are liable for 100% of your invoice
  2. Weather is out of Atahuia wedding and events control there for we do not offer refunds should your event not go ahead due to weather conditions
  3. Should a state of emergence be declared we will hold your booking for 12 months and postpone to a mutually agreeable date.
  4. If items have already been delivered you are liable for the delivery and pickup cost for future postponement
  5. Should services be already carried out and labour of staff be required you are liable to pay service and labour fees again for future event
Covid-19 Cancellation Policy
1. Due to Covid levels moving up and down, we will postpone events to a new date FREE OF CHARGE (the date must be mutually agreeable). Your booking
simply transfers across to the new date.
2. Please note: if you cancel your event in full due to COVID-19 the 25% deposit is non-refundable.
Wedding And Event Services Terms and Conditions
Confirmation fee:
1. A non- refundable Confirmation fee of 25% is required to secure your booking, date and service
2. This fee is deducted from the total owing which is due 30 days before the date of your wedding or event.
3. Confirmation fee must be paid within 7 days of client receiving in voice after which the date will be open for rebooking without notice.
4. Bookings made within 14 days of the date required for services provided require full non-refundable payment.
1. Payment must be made in full no later than 30 days prior to the date of your booking. We prefer payment by direct credit to our bank account.
2. The clients are directly liable for all additional services by vendors which are not Atahuia wedding and Events but was organised by Atahuia Wedding and Events. A separate invoice will be provided by the service suppliers for their services.
3. Hire items, delivery/pickup and travel are not included in the package price
4. Travel will be based on distance, staff and vehicle needs
5. One use item supplied by Atahuia wedding & Events such as candles, decals, polaroid film, Ice ect is not included in the package price. Client will be liable for the full cost of these items.
1. Cancellation must be communicated in writing directly to Atahuia Wedding & Events.
2. In the event of cancellation of your booking, Atahuia Wedding & Events will retain your deposit to offset costs incurred including lost opportunity.
3. If you cancel your booking within 30 days of your booked date you will be required to pay 50% of the total cost of your booking to cover costs incurred including lost opportunity.
4. All cancellation fees are due and payable to Atahuia Wedding & Events immediately upon cancellation by you.
5. If individual service providers are cancelled by you prior to 30 days before the date booked additional fees or costs may apply depending on the supplier Atahuia Wedding & Events shall not be liable for any costs or expenses associated with cancellation of booking.
1. Should the event be held outside of Atahuia Wedding and Events local zone travel charges may apply.
2. Should you require stock delivery/drop off you will be charged a fee based on travel, staff required and stock need.
1. Your chosen package or service may have additional terms and conditions. Please make sure you have read and understand these in full.
2. Hire items are not included in package prices
3. Package prices are based on one location.
4. Should your event be in 2 or more locations an additional charge will be added.
Public Holidays
1. 15% surcharge for extra staff on New Zealand public holidays.
2. Additional staff members are charged out at a half or full-day rate
3. 10% surcharge will be added to all packages on New Zealand public holidays
1. It is advised that you have sufficient travel or event insurance to cover yourself due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise Atahuia Wedding and Events does not take responsibility for contracts signed by the client and its clauses. Please ensure you are aware of each supplier’s Terms & Conditions.
1. Due to Covid levels moving up and down, we will move or postponed events to a new date FREE OF CHARGE (the date must be mutually agreeable).
2. If you cancel your event in full due to COVID-19 service is no longer required, the 25% deposit is non-refundable
Once deposit is paid the customer is automatically entered into Atahuia Wedding & Events Limited Terms and Conditions Contract and are deemed to have read and understood this agreement.
1. No packages include lighting or silks installation- this is an outsourced service and you and client will be charged accordingly
Packages including Setup-Pack down
1. Set up is on one day only (day before or day of) Should setup be on separate days an additional charge will be added
2. Pack down is to be on the same day. Should this require another day an additional charge will be added
3. An extra $200 charge will be added if your ceremony requires set up at a different location.
4. Package price does not include staff on site once setup is finished- an additional charge will be added should staff be required to stay onsite.
5. Package price is for a maximum of 100 people including bridal party
6. All vendor coordination is to happen over 2 days
7. Setup does not include light/fairy light or festoon installation, silks or roof draping’s or any setup deemed unsafe or that requires additional staff.
8. Pack down does not include drop off any items this will be an additional fee
9. The client agrees to the possibility of photos being taken of their event for use on our website or in advertising. If you do not agree please let us know.
10. Atahuia weddings and Events is not responsible for any rubbish/glass left behind after the ceremony/reception unless arrangements have been made. Additional fees will apply.
11. You must provide us with the details of any external suppliers or contractors and their requested access requirements to us at least fourteen days (14) prior to the Event Date. We accept no responsibility for your use of external suppliers
12. Atahuia Wedding and Events will supply cleaning products and equipment
13. This package does not include dishes or kitchen deep clean. Dishes from meals and glassware must be sorted before our arrival unless organised with us.
14. The client agrees to leave the reception in an acceptable state to be packed down and cleaned by Atahuia wedding and events,
15. All packages end at 10am the day after your wedding, should you need additional help outside of our package or hours you will be charged accordingly

*Once deposit is paid the customer is automatically entered into Atahuia Wedding & Events Limited Terms and Conditions Contract and are deemed to have read and understood this agreement. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure any representative acting on their behalf has also read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement.
All hire items remain the property of Atahuia Wedding & Event
Atahuia wedding and events LTD reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime